brook trout pilot sticker

We've got stickers and PRINTS!

Our pilot batch of brook trout stickers has come in and they are ready for your car, bike or laptop! This is the pilot batch, so they are smaller (about 5.5" long by 2.5" wide) than the full size stickers that we hope to sell later this year. As a result, these stickers are also cheaper. There is a limited supply of these pilot stickers and once gone, only the larger sticker will be available. They turned out wonderfully and the color is amazing! Yay for screen printing!!!


Brook trout sticker


Stick it on a bike

Hannah Seng painted the illustrations for our brook trout products, see the artist information section here. More product information will be coming soon, along with conservation efforts regarding the brook trout. For now, enjoy the info here about the brook trout provided by wikipedia.