Stick it for Wildlife
Who is Stick it for Wildlife? In short, it is a company that sells stickers and prints of custom wildlife illustrations, giving a significant portion of the proceeds to wildlife conservation and starving artists. Our goal is to provide a product to sell that makes people smile, and at the same time, produce a decent amount of funds for conservation efforts and starving artists. We want to supply the grant money, so that others can ask for it.

Stick it for Wildlife collaborates with different artists in order to get great illustrations to make bumper stickers and matted prints. These stickers are full color, printed on white vinyl, and as weatherproof as it gets in the sticker world.

For each pilot batch brook trout sticker sold on (given a $4.99 purchase):

For stickers on sale for $3.49:

For each brook trout print sold on (given a $49.99 purchase): We can't wait to start posting good news about our conservation contributions! Our first species to hit the printers was The Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis). Let us know your species suggestions! We are also looking for artists, so if you are interested in becoming a part of Stick it for Wildlife, contact us.